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Jon Henninger

Sometimes God prepares us in obscurity for what He has in store...

With a drama dad and a pianist mom, music and performance have been integral parts of Jon Henninger's life from the beginning. The first twenty-some years though centered on working in volunteer and staff technical positions programming lights, EQ'ing audio, and dollying video cameras everywhere!  It was through those years of serving in behind-the-scenes production that Jon believes God prepared him most for what he does today.  "God really used those years and those roles to teach me so much." Jon says.  "...learning how to work with volunteers, supporting and technically facilitating worship under Godly pastors and leaders still shapes the way I do things every single day. God is an incredible life-path designer!"  

Today, Jon is the Creative Arts Pastor at one of the country's largest per capita churches, Central Christian Church in Mount Vernon, IL ( where he lives with his wife Sarah, 2yr. old Daughter Lyric, and 1yr. old baby girl Ella Love.  He is passionate about connecting with God and other people through music and seeing people of all kinds encounter the presence of God.  Jon can be found leading worship at Central most Fridays and Sundays as well as performing across the country at events of all kinds throughout the year.

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Fun Fact:  Jon has a literally "small" collection of Speedos

Twitter: @jonhenninger